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Arts and Crafts

  • Casting Demonstration

    China has a long and brilliant history of metallurgy and casting. Its splendid casting techniques ushered in the resplendent Bronze Age. Perfect workmanship brought about exquisite pieces of art.

    2017-12-01 15:19:12754
  • The Age-old Chinese Bell Culture

    The bell originated from the ling, a small type of bell. At first, the ling was baked out of pottery clay. In the 1950s, archaeologists discovered a red pottery ling from the remains of the Yangshao culture at Miaodigou, the Sanmen Gorges, Henan Province.

    2017-12-01 15:18:28662
  • A Brief History of Ancient Bells

    The taozhong, the earliest kind of bell, appeared in primitive Chinese society. It was an instrument for labouring people to play after work. The introduction of metal brought about the tongnao (a bronze percussion instrument resembling an inverted bell, sounded by a hammer)

    2017-12-01 15:17:46805
  • The Ancient Bell Museum with Its Unique Features

    The Big Bell Temple Museum is a multi-functional museum specialized in the collection, preservation, exhibition, study and exploitation of ancient bells and catering to the people's growing cultural demands with its peculiar cultural charm.

    2017-12-01 15:16:57851
  • Farming and Sericulture

    Producing food by cultivating crops and raising animals was a most important step forward in the development of human history. Around 10,000 years ago, people moved from an economy of gathering to one of producing, and entered the New Stone Age. Before that

    2017-12-01 15:05:49763
  • Home of Ceramics

    Pottery making began to develop in China during the New Stone Age some 10,000 years ago. Pottery wares have been unearthed in many historical sites dating from the New Stone Age. The pottery jar found in the Cave of the Immortals in Jiangxi Province has a history of more than 10,000 years.

    2017-12-01 15:05:12782
  • Handicraft Industry and Technological Advances

    In 1933, a bone needle was found in the ruins of Dragon Bone Hill at Zhoukoudian, Fangshan, Beijing. Apart from one crack, the 18,000-year-old needle's body was intact. To make bone needles, a piece of bone has to be split into strips, polished, ground to fine point and perforated at one end. This earliest sewing device ever discovered in China is proof that during the late years of the Old Stone Age women were already stitching animal skins to make clothes using bone needles.

    2017-12-01 15:04:36679
  • Great Thinkers

    China's period of slave society disintegrated during the Spring and Autumn Period, sometime after 700 BC. Progress in productivity brought about drastic changes in social life and politics. Different classes with different schools of thought were unprecedentedly active

    2017-12-01 15:04:05678
  • Astronomy and Mathematics

    Like people of other cultures, the ancient Chinese paid close attention to the heavenly bodies and their movements, because the sun, moon, stars and their movements were the most eternal features that the ancient people could observe.

    2017-12-01 15:03:16739
  • The Four Great Inventions

    China's long history has seen some extremely important inventions emerge, most noticeably gunpowder, paper making, printing and the compass, which, in the words of Roger Bacon, changed the whole appearance and status of things in the world.

    2017-12-01 15:02:38857

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