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  • Chinese students' security concerns in U.S. grow

    As enough grief concentrated in this June, many Chinese students in the United States found they are facing more challenges on campus.

    2018-06-12 21:00:29568
  • Military ending its commerce ventures

    The Chinese military will stop all of its commercial activities before the end of the year, under a new guideline unveiled on Monday.

    2018-06-12 20:59:13403
  • COMAC signs deal to sell 300 aircraft to HNA Group

    Chinese conglomerate HNA Group and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on aircraft procurement, operation and maintenance in Shanghai on June 2.

    2018-06-06 07:11:10580
  • Nation plans to phase out gasoline-fueled vehicles in near future

    China, the world's biggest vehicle market, will phase out the production and sale of fossil fuel cars in the near future, which will give the new energy vehicle sector a major boost, according to experts.

    2018-06-06 07:09:02494
  • China opposes U.S. provocation in its territorial waters: spokesperson

    China on Sunday voiced strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to two U.S. warships trespassing into China's territorial waters off the Xisha Islands.

    2018-05-28 10:34:20539
  • China races to be world’s leader in big data industry

    Exhibitors show a big data visual analysis decision platform during the 2018 China international big data industry expo in Guiyang, southwest China's Guizhou Province, May 26, 2018. The expo opened in Guiyang Saturday, attracting over 40,000 participants from nearly 30 countries.

    2018-05-28 10:31:54360
  • Trade talks to expand US exports to China

    China and the United States will implement the specific elements of the joint statement released on Saturday in Washington, covering the purchase of agricultural and energy products, the Ministry of Commerce said on Wednesday.

    2018-05-24 08:57:28436
  • China enhances business environment to entice foreign capital

    A good business environment is like fresh air, that no foreign investor can resist. China, with its sincerity and ongoing efforts, offers foreign investors such air, trying to make its business environment attractive to foreign capital.

    2018-05-16 08:45:14505
  • 10 years on, president hails post-quake reconstruction

    China's earthquake rescue capability has increased by more than 200 percent in the past 10 years and an early earthquake warning system now covers most of the population in areas prone to temblors, and President Xi Jinping called on the nation this weekend to enhance disaster-prevention capabilities to guarantee people's safety and property.

    2018-05-14 09:25:34472
  • First carrier designed in China begins sea trial

    Tests will focus on reliability, capability of new vessel's propulsion systems , China's first domestically designed aircraft carrier set out its maiden sea trial on Sunday morning, indicating it might not be long before it is delivered to the Chinese Navy.

    2018-05-14 09:22:14559

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