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  • Chinese culture remains the most attractive factor for tourists

    Chinese culture ranks as the leading attraction to tourists from overseas, said Hillary Nie, head of Market Insights for Google Greater China, at a seminar on Chinese inbound tourism on May 22.

    2018-05-24 09:17:361543
  • China’s Jiuzhaigou scenic area partially reopens after earthquake

    Jiuzhaigou, a scenic area in southwest China’s Sichuan province, partially reopened for the first time on March 8 since the devastating earthquake last year. On the first day of reopening, it received more than 700 tourists.

    2018-03-15 09:24:501805
  • China's largest Danxia geological landscape belt discovered in Shaanxi

    In 2017, the Shaanxi Institute of Geographical Survey discovered a large-scale Danxia landform site in northern Shaanxi and Weibei. It was identified as China's largest Danxia geological site known.

    2018-01-13 10:55:571947
  • Autumnal hues sweep China's scenery

    Hundreds of spectators turns out for the fall foliage season in Kuangzigou Scenic Zone in Liaoning province.

    2018-01-12 10:05:562640
  • Winter Naadam held near Xanadu preserves ethnic culture, sports

    During the fair, organizers hosted traditional sports events including camel racing, Mongolian wrestling and archery.

    2018-01-12 10:04:242590
  • Lugu Lake's Kingdom of Women

    Lugu Lake has nurtured the Mosuo people for centuries. Although it is far in every sense from Hong Kong where I run a literary press, I always had a hunch that I would visit Lugu Lake some day

    2018-01-12 10:03:052958
  • China's Top Historical Cities

    Every city has a history, but here we focus on those known for their history, with historic sites that draw tourists. There are some cities that have been particularly influential in China's history: China's major and minor ancient capitals and Yan'an, endpoint of the Long March. Then there are cities which have great historical interest and plenty of relics, but are only of regional importance historically

    2017-12-09 16:22:471787
  • Longji Terraced Fields

    The Longji or call Longsheng Rice Terraces are located in Longsheng County, about 100 km (2 hours drive) from Guilin city. The most popular are Ping An Rice Terrace and Jinkeng Rice Terrace. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountain top

    2017-12-03 23:28:411019
  • Elephant Trunk Hill

    Elephant Trunk Hill stands majestically in the downtown area of Guilin city, at the junction of the Li River & the Peach Blossom River . The name was chosen because the shape the hill looks like a giant elephant dipping its trunk into the river. The green water of Li River and Elephant Trunk Hill combine to form one of the most famous hills and attactions in Guilin City .

    2017-12-03 23:27:411246
  • Reed Flute Cave of Guilin

    With its location five kilometers northwest of the downtown of Guilin, the Reed Flute Cave is a brilliant cave marked on almost all travel itineraries. The cave got its name from the verdant reeds growing outside it, with which people make flutes.

    2017-12-03 23:26:461213

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