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Chinese Culture

  • Heqiao celebrates its ancient cultural heritage with a folk art festival

    Heqiao sparked a celebration of its long cultural heritage when it kicked off its very first folk art festival last weekend in the ancient town.

    2018-06-12 20:58:211100
  • Restoring Chinese art

    Experts seek to put emphasis on the background stories in the restoration of ancient Chinese art and calligraphy at this year's international forum on art preservation in Beijing.

    2018-06-12 20:56:021199
  • China launches first Traditional Garment Day

    Ancient attire has once again seen a public revival after Chinese authorities launched an unprecedented cultural event on Wednesday. The event was organized to encourage young Chinese of all ethnic groups to wear and take pride in their traditional clothing.

    2018-04-22 16:36:591057
  • Traditional Chinese medicine gains wider global acceptance: official

    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has gained wider acceptance around the world, Wang Guoqiang, head of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview on the sidelines of China’s ongoing “two sessions”, suggesting putting more quality TCM products in global market.

    2018-03-13 09:30:311406
  • Dunhuang relics "return" to China in digital form

    More than 5,300 pieces of Dunhuang manus*ts have been "returned" from France in digital form and are available online, according to the National Library of China.

    2018-03-13 09:27:511193
  • A bellyful of warmth

    Soup, ranging from the lightest consomme to hearty rich broths with meat and vegetables, is a major category on the menu in Chinese cuisine.

    2018-03-10 10:31:191235
  • Old and new customs for Chinese New Year

    Thanks to fast developing technologies, firecrackers, The Rabbit God, the character for Fu, and other traditions that stood test of time in China are now evolving and flourishing to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year.

    2018-02-11 22:02:322193
  • Laba Festival

    China possesses many traditional holidays, of which Spring Festival is the most important and the most exciting. An extended celebration of the Lunar New Year that lasts for several weeks, Spring Festival encompasses the Laba Festival

    2018-01-24 09:55:532653
  • Pu'er Tea Festival

    From April 9 to 11, 1993, the 1st China Pu'er Tea Festival was held in Simao City with one branch meeting venue set at Pu'er County (current Ninger County). It saw participation of guests from a dozen of provinces and municipalities of China and from Japan, South Korea

    2018-01-13 10:50:312353
  • Chinese Fire Cupping

    Cupping astounds some Western people. When they see the big round red “hickeys” on people or when they see it being done, they wonder what is going on? The interesting technique is akin to the other traditional medical techniques in that the practitioner is attempting to manipulate the various qi, Yin and Yang, or body fluids to influence health.

    2018-01-12 09:56:411937

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