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Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge
The Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge, also called the ‘Island-mainland Link Project in Zhoushan’, is one of the biggest projects of its kind in the world. It officially opened to traffic on 25th December 2009.
The Zhoushan cross-sea Bridge begins at the Yadanshan roundabout highway, on national route 329, hops across 4 islands in the Zhoushan archipelago and ends in Zhenhai district in Ningbo city. There it connects with the Ningbo ring highway, and the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge.
The Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge passes through 9 cuttings and 2 tunnels, and crosses 4 islands. It cost over 10 billion RMB (USD 1.5 billion) to build. It holds several world records, and required 25 technical challenges to be solved.
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