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Shaomai Festival opens in Hohhot
The 2nd Shaomai Festival opened at Yuquan district in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Dec 15 to promote the local specialty shaomai (steamed dumplings) and the history and customs of the city.
The three-day event consisted of 14 cultural activities such as a shaomai culinary contest, a seminar on local culture and tourism, and a story-telling session.
Shaomai is a traditional snack originating from Hohhot. Hohhot's shaomai has a thin wrapper made from dough and is often made with fillings of mutton, onion, and ginger, which give it a distinctive flavor from those made with pork. 
Hohhot's shaomai was listed as an intangible cultural heritage of Inner Mongolia autonomous region in 2011.
The festival was part of the Yuyuan district government's efforts to promote the intangible cultural heritage.
The government announced the opening of the Shaomai Street in Yuquan district. The 1,100-meter long street is a well-known tourist attraction characterized by 23 shaomai restaurants, including famous brands like Deshunyuan and Qinyuan. 
A big data platform was also established by the government to ensure food safety. Some 50 restaurants in Shaomai Street are under its digital supervision. 
More needs to be done to build Hohhot into the "city of shaomai", according to the local government.
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